Policies and Procedures

This page outlines all of the policies adopted by The White Hut Community Hall in the conduct of its day-to-day business.

As The White Hut is a public building and it is run by a group of volunteers, we have developed the following policies and procedures to help all users and volunteers understand how to use the Hall and what our obligations are to you as a user.

If you are looking to book a room at the Hall, we would appreciate if you take a look at the following policies and procedures.

Thank you for taking time to look at the policies and procedures and we hope your time at the Hall is enjoyable.


Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Data Protection Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Health and Safety Policy

General Housekeeping and Booking Policy

Environment and Energy Efficiency Policy

Sustainability and Development Policy

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

Finance Policy

Fundraising Policy

Training Policy