Confidentiality Policy

Staff and volunteers should regard all information they have access to or are given as a result of their job/volunteering as being confidential unless advised otherwise. No information should be released to a third party without first seeking the agreement of the individual concerned.

Staff and Volunteers are representatives of The White Hut Community Hall and as such are expected to maintain confidentiality at all times. Items that are raised at meetings or discussions that are deemed confidential must not be discussed outside of the involved members of The White Hut Community Hall or the concerned party, if applicable. Staff and volunteers are bound by the Confidentiality Policy even after the termination of service as a volunteer or the cessation of employment.

The White Hut Community Hall has a duty to safeguard the information contained within items such as booking forms.

Staff and volunteers should not disclose personal details, including but not limited to their home address, telephone number and email addresses, to individuals but should use the Hall’s details when details have to be given.

Staff have the right to access their own personal records, including but not limited to application forms, police checks and references. If you want to see these please speak to the current Chair.

All personal information collected and held by The White Hut Community Hall is covered by the Data Protection Act. The Act requires all people, who use or collect information, to abide by certain key principles.

The principles state that personal data must be:
• Obtained and processed fairly and lawfully.
• Used only for the original purpose, and disclosed only to the appropriate people.
• Adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which they are held.
• Accurate and where necessary, kept up to date.
• Held no longer than is necessary.
• Accessible to the individual concerned who, where appropriate, has the right to have information about themselves corrected or erased properly.
• Safeguarded.

Confidentiality may be breached if it is considered that there is significant risk to the Hall by a user’s misconduct or if there is a risk of serious harm to an individual, including Child Protection issues. In these circumstances, The White Hut Community Hall, or where appropriate, the Child Protection Officers may decide to inform the appropriate agencies or authorities, depending on the details of the situation.