Environment and Energy Efficiency Policy

The White Hut Community Hall is focused on its environment. It is the policy of The White Hut Community Hall to:-
• Promote Recycling
• Encourage Energy Saving
• Adopt proven technologies where funding is available to do so

The White Hut Community Hall aims to achieve these goals by, inter alia:-
• Providing comprehensive recycling facilities in and around the Hall
• Securing the most effective tariffs for the utilities at our Hall
• Advising Hirers of the Hall as to how they can save energy and recycle in the hall by setting out the measures as part of the Hall Booking Procedures and policy documents.
• Always seeking advice when considering the purchase of appliances
• Taking opportunities for complimentary or subsidised Energy Efficiency Audits offered by third parties

Whilst acknowledging the limitations of an ageing 1970s building and recognising that the scope for further improvement is limited, The White Hut Community Hall remains vigilant in its energy efficiency.