Equal Opportunities Policy

The White Hut Community Hall takes great care to treat each individual as a person in their own right, with equal rights and responsibilities as any other individual, whether they are an adult or child. Discrimination has no place within the Community Hall. If anyone believes that this policy is not being fully complied with, it is their duty to bring the matter to the attention of the management committee at the earliest opportunity.

The management committee and staff are committed to:
• Being positive role models for the Hall users with regard to friendliness, care, courtesy and to offer strategies for handling conflict.
• Regularly reviewing our practice to ensure the policy is effective.
• Ensuring that the Community Hall is open to everyone in the community.

New users of the Hall are made aware of the Equal Opportunities policy that is reviewed annually and as needed.

Any discriminatory language, behaviour or remarks by children, parents or any other adults are unacceptable in The White Hut Community Hall and will be challenged.

Our response will aim to demonstrate support for the victim(s) and to help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices.

The White Hut Community Hall will make every effort to ensure that the time, place and conduct of meetings enable the majority of Hall users to attend so that all users have an equal opportunity to be involved in, and informed about, the Hall. Planning for The White Hut Community Hall’s meetings and events will take into account the needs of people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Staff and Recruitment
The White Hut Community Hall will make sure that individuals are recruited, selected, trained and promoted on the basis of occupational skill requirements.

The White Hut Community Hall will make sure that job applicants and employees do not receive less favourable treatment, which cannot be justified as being necessary for the safe and effective performance of their work or training, on the grounds of:

• Age
• Gender
• Marital status
• Race
• Religion
• Colour
• Cultural or national origin
• Sexuality

The White Hut Community Hall will strive, by recruitment, to make sure that staff levels reflect the community it serves.

All vacancies will be advertised as widely as the budget allows. Application forms and interviews will not include questions which potentially discriminate. At interview all candidates will be asked the same questions, and members of the selection group will not introduce or use any personal knowledge of candidates acquired outside the selection process.

Candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss the reasons why they are not successful.

All staff and volunteers are expected to co-operate with this and other policies.