General Housekeeping and Booking Policy

The White Hut Community Hall employs a Premises Manager to ensure that the building is kept neat and tidy. However we do ask that all users of the building take responsibility for tidying away any rubbish and for stacking tables and chairs and leaving the facilities as they found them. We ask that users respect the fact that people may be using the building at the same time as them or immediately after they have left.

We ask you to leave any room you have booked in the condition you would like to find it. Please ensure tables, surfaces and floors are cleaned and swept before you leave. If you require access to a vacuum cleaner, arrangements can be made at time of booking for one to be left available. All rubbish is to be either put in the bins provided at the Hall, the wheeled bins in the external store room (if you have access to it) or bagged up safely and taken home. Please double bag and mark any bag that has broken glass or potentially sharp items in them.

Nappies and sanitary items are to be placed in the appropriate bins and not in the general waste (the blue nappy bin is in the disabled toilets and the sani-bin is in the ladies’ toilets).

Failure to leave any room in the condition it was found will result in a cleaning surcharge being added to your room charge.

Accident Book
Accidents occurring whilst at the Hall and its premises MUST be entered into the Hall’s Accident Book. The Accident Book is located in the kitchen, along with a first aid box.

We realise that some user groups will have their own Accident Books, which they are required to fill in. However we cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents not logged in the Hall’s Accident Book.

The heating within the Hall is controlled by timers which are set according to room bookings and seasonal temperature and conditions. Only the Premises Manager and designated members of The White Hut Community Hall are permitted to change the timers on the heating or to over-ride boiler settings. Users are asked NOT to tamper with heating controls and the boilers. If users require the room to be cooler, they are permitted to close the radiators down via their control valves if necessary. It is important that the radiator valves are restored to their original ‘on’ setting before the user leaves the building. If users require the heating to be reduced or turned off for their subsequent bookings, they should either speak to or leave a note for our Premises Manager in the black post box between the external gate and front double doors. Similarly, if a user considers that the heating needs to be on or increased for their booking due to cooler seasonal conditions and/or group needs, they should contact the Premises Manager.

Occasional users should discuss any special heating or room temperature requirements with the appropriate Hall representative at the time of booking.

The number of sets of keys are limited for security reasons. Regular users must obtain permission from the Trustees if you require any extra sets of keys. Under no circumstances must copies of keys be made by users of the Hall.

Please make sure that the building is left secure at the end of your session if you are in possession of keys as a long term user.

Lost Property
We cannot be responsible for items that are left in the Hall, but we will do our best to ensure that you can reclaim your property. The building is checked regularly for items that have been left, and lost property is kept in a box in the office. Any property unclaimed after two months will be passed onto the St David’s Foundation Hospice Care Charity Shop.

We realise that there is only a limited amount of storage space within the building; we will do our best to ensure that all regular users have a fair share. Groups are responsible for providing padlocks to secure cupboard doors, if these are required. For health and safety reasons and out of consideration to all users of the building, please ensure that all equipment is put away safely after use or removed from the Hall. Please also make sure that whatever is being stored at the Hall complies with the Health and Safety policy, COSHH and also the Fire Risk Assessment policy.

Wear and Tear
Any building that is used as much as the Hall experiences a large amount of wear and tear. As the building was constructed in 1971, and is run as a Registered Charity, we have limited funds and we ask that users work together to ensure that the building is kept in an acceptable condition for future users.

Any damage (either accidental or otherwise) caused by any Hall user should be reported in person or leave a note for our Premises Manager in the black post box between the external gate and front double doors. The White Hut Community Hall reserves the right to charge the Hall user for a repair or for a replacement as necessary.

The purpose of the Hall is to provide affordable meeting facilities and is available for use provided that a booking has been made.

All bookings should be made through an appropriate Hall representative. The Trustees are grateful for the help with bookings, which is given on a voluntary basis, and users are requested to contact the Hall on 01633 864270 or 07715 638636 at reasonable times.

The cost of hiring the Hall is reviewed annually by the Trustees. Current charges are displayed in the entrance hall of The White Hut Community Hall, and also on the website (

If a user requires the Hall to be available for early preparation for their event, the user MUST discuss this with the appropriate Hall representative at the time of booking. The extra time will only be granted to the user if there is available space in the bookings. This extra time will be charged for.

As we are in a residential area, the Hall typically closes at 11pm and we ask all users to vacate the building in a quiet and respectful manner by this time. Any user found to be in breach of this deadline without prior arrangement will incur an extra charge.

At the time of booking users will be asked to complete the risk assessment form provided.

If a user wishes to cancel a booking at the Hall, we request that at least 48 hours’ notice is given before the commencement of their booking. Cancellations can be made by contacting the Hall on 01633 864270 or 07715 638636 at reasonable times. Failure to give 48 hours’ notice will result in the user being charged for their booking in full.

If a regular user wishes to cease using the Hall completely, we ask that a notice period of 2 weeks is given.

The Trustees reserve the right to refuse, cancel or amend any booking giving one month’s written notice.