Sustainability and Development Policy

The White Hut Community Hall has been able to celebrate the progress it has made over the past forty years in its various guises, in terms of organisation, finance and structure, through the support of the community that it serves. It recognises that to continue as a vibrant thriving organisation serving the community it must not be complacent but rather look firmly to the future in order to be able to fulfil its aims and purpose and sustain what has been achieved and recognised.

It is the policy of The White Hut Community Hall to:
• Be the community focus for Coed Eva, Hollybush and hinterland;
• Sustain and develop a viable organisation running The White Hut Community Hall for the benefit of residents as laid down in the Constitution, the founding document which established the Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2013 and to operate pursuant to the arrangements for management as set out in the resolutions adopted thereunder;
• Recognise that Trustees, volunteers, money and other resources will all run out unless there is an active strategy to recruit, safeguard & maximise, maintain and replace, respectively.

The White Hut Community Hall aims to achieve these goals principally in three discrete areas:
1. Organisation:
• Widen participation and increase the range of provision;
• Engage a wider age range of people, especially young people, in the management of The White Hut Community Hall;
• Continue to expand the means of communicating The White Hut Community Hall’s message.

2. Finance:
• Sustain a viable financial position by reducing costs and maximising revenue as appropriate;
• Build appropriate reserve funds in addition to the current account;
• Develop revenue streams by researching then implementing appropriate new ventures.

3. Structure:
• Continue to maintain appropriately the existing building;
• Research new avenues of energy supply and implement as appropriate and when finance becomes available;
• Research and develop new possibilities for income generation;
• Continue to liaise with Torfaen County Borough Council on the future of the current building.

The means presently identified to advance these aims are variously described in the comprehensive suite of policies, programmes, mission and position statements of The White Hut Community Hall.